Shed the shame.  Face your fear.  Embrace your power.

Grit and Gratitude - we need both.


At this point I've worked with hundreds of women.  Women of all ages, all backgrounds, all sizes, shapes and colors. I've sought out and learned from hundreds of equally diverse women.  Women, especially awake, empowered women are my jam.  I believe that working with them is my life's purpose.  Women are innately strong.  We're resilient AF. We're doers.  We're leaders.  We're nurturers.  We're warriors.  In all my work, one thing I know to be true of women is that we share a universal burden - shame.  It comes up time and time, and time again.  It's handed to each of us in different ways.  We have different stories, but those stories led us all to the same conclusion.  We're triggered in different scenarios and feel that shame to different degrees, but it's always there.  

I help women step into their strength every day at the gym I own in Connecticut.  I take a structured, holistic approach to their wellness via movement, nutrition and mindset coaching.  Most women come to me initially for help losing weight, or fat specifically.  They've tried every diet and exercise program under the sun.  They're exhausted and they're stuck in a cycle of trying to be everything for everyone.  What I've found, is that the extra weight or poor self image many women carry, is just an accessory of a much larger issue.  That issue is almost always rooted in, you guessed it - shame.  Some common areas I see shame show up are in our relationship with food, our relationship with money, our relationship with our own sexuality and what it means, an overall lack of boundaries, poor time management, toxic relationships, cluttered overwhelm, and a lack of self worth.

Through specific mindset shifts, we can create clarity and focus in these areas and more.  When we get our minds right, I believe that we can choose to put that shame down, work through it and stop carrying it with us.  The mindset work is absolutely critical.  Because you see, when we manage our minds, we can manage any area of our lives.  So many women unknowingly choose to stay "stuck" for far too long.  They think they're alone in their struggle.  Sisters, I assure you - that is just NOT the case. Let's work together to shed the shame and support one another in choosing our strength, rewriting our story, and owning our collective success with a little grit and a lot of gratitude.


I feel better at 53 than I have in the last 20 years!
— Christine M, 53
I’ve never felt a connection with another human so quickly. Rachel just got me. She got my struggles, because she lived them. She got my set backs. She got my pain. She got that I was tired of fighting, but she also knew where I wanted to go. She believed in me and helped restore my own hope and belief in myself. She quickly became one of my most cherished role models and one of the dearest mentors in my life.”
— Emma F, 23
From the moment I started working with Rachel, all the pieces I needed to put together the best version of me, started coming together. Through Rachel’s mentoring, not only did I start to believe in myself again, I actually started to love myself again. I’ve learned how to accept myself, while pushing to better myself at the same time. Most importantly for me, I learned how to properly fuel my body and developed a healthy relationship with food. Now, not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I’m in better shape mentally than I’ve ever been.
— Kim C, 36
I am so lucky that at 58 years old, I finally found her! My teacher, my nutrition guide, my trainer, my health coach. Rachel Black Graves has given me my life back with her guidance and patience!
— Cathy M, 59
This woman has given me so much more than weight loss or inches lost....It’s so much more than that. She has given me back my self worth, confidence and bad-assery!
— Amy G, 40
“It takes exceptional skill to teach people how to rediscover themselves in a way that’s encouraging, hopeful, empowering, and most importantly, sustainable. This is an entirely different level of self care. Rachel has created a pathway to self discovery.”
— - Kim B, 47

Who is Rachel Black Graves?


Hi there!  I'm Rachel Black Graves.  I'm  an ex-corporate warrior turned fitness and mindset professional and entrepreneur.  I'm an ISSA certified personal trainer, a leading TLS certified health coach, and the owner of Bloomfield Fit Body Boot Camp in the greater Hartford area. I'm passionate about helping women realize their health and fitness goals without becoming a slave to the gym via intense, efficient workouts, structured and sustainable nutrition, and accountability from the amazing tribe I've built in my immediate community as well as my online presence .  I help women shed the old stories of shame that no longer serve them by helping them tap into the strength they never knew they had.

YOU are not broken. YOU are not too much. YOU are enough right now. It IS possible to learn to love yourself as you are, while working toward stepping into your FULL power, and keeping your sanity in the process. I can help you do just that, and I can introduce you to women that ARE doing that today. Join me as I create a space for women to shed their shame, stand in their truth and embrace all that they are through Grit and Gratitude. 

In an industry known for asking women to shrink down, I ask you to stand up.  In a culture that tells you to be smaller, I want to help you get stronger.  And in a world that engrains self loathing in women from the time they can speak, I want to teach you self love and self care as a way of becoming exactly who you were meant to be in this world.